Alchemy | 3 Reasons NOT To Sell Your Time For Money
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3 Reasons NOT To Sell Your Time For Money

You’re an outstanding trainer or coach … you love your work and have a solid group of loyal clients. They trust you because you deliver more than just epic results to them

But just like most of your peers, you are burnt out … those early mornings, late nights and ridiculously annoying long breaks in the middle of the day

You are stuck in the trap of trading an hour of your time for money

You’re frustrated that there are only 40 hours in the week and you are fully capped…

You can not take on any more clients because there is just not enough hours in the week..

You’ve realised that there must be a better way..

You lie awake most nights thinking how can I possibly get further ahead ?? How much longer can I keep doing this ??

Now part of the problem is that your cognitive bias is Kinesthetic … which means you learn differently to your peers … Why am I telling you this ?

Well, because it means that you found school hard … you were told you’d never make it .. You knew you didn’t want to have a ‘normal’ career … You weren’t fooled into wearing a suit and a tie (at least not for too long)


This means you’ve been told you aren’t any good at marketing & sales .. Which is bullshit because whether you like it or not … you’ve been marketing and selling to get to where you are


Well done on not being fooled into having a career you didn’t love and let’s help you get more out of what you’ve got … So that you CAN keep doing this for longer and having the life and business you want

3 Reasons NOT To Sell Your Time For Money

  1. There is only 40 hours in a working week.. Which means you only make money for 40 hours of the week.. This is limited considering there is 168 hours in the week.. Which means you are operating at 23.8%
  2. You are the opposite of leveraged… You will stay small and stay stuck
  3. When you run a model that requires you to do more to make more … You will eventually burn out, creating dissonance with work you once loved.

And this is why you are not where you want to be financially …

Exponential Growth For Your Business lies in performing 3 Basic Functions

  1. Mining the Profit That Lies Hidden In Your PT Business
  2. Building A Recurring Revenue Stream
  3. Have More Fun In Your Business Executing Points 1 & 2 Above

You would be surprised how many trainers and coaches know this but are keeping their head in the sand.

Be part of the 5% of businesses that ruthlessly chase business success…

Jayden is an ambitious Personal Trainer from Sydney Australia who came to us 18 months ago… when he wanted to stop trading his time for money…

4 Strategies To Stop Selling Your Time For Money

  1. Shift your business model from one to one … to one to many
  2. Build a systems of delivery which is reliable and leveraged .. Ultimately this may involve growing an epic team
  3. Improve your lead generation & sales systems to magnetize a better client towards your business
  4. Move away from low end offers to high end services

Learn How To ‘Sell’

Steal a copy of the script all of our high level clients (Including Jayden) are using to get more high paying clients

Forget selling yourself for an hourly rate

We have spent countless hours testing and improving this script for you … don’t look past this resource to help you grow your business, by increasing your sales and profit this quarter​

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