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Drew Slater

Can’t seem to get your gym swole?

Does it feel like everyone’s just telling you to get 1-2 leads everyday with cheap challenges, free trials, and discounts?

That’s great in theory, but in reality these things aren’t working, it’s much harder than all the ‘online fit pro’ coaches are making it sound

So what’s the deal?

Well, generating leads is getting tougher by the minute … You’ve gotta write your content, craft your offer and create the Facebook Ads - all before you’ve even coached a mid-morning class

Not to mention the increasing competition, every day there’s a new GloboMegaJettGym popping up with better marketing than you

These dudes are rocking up in your market with deep pockets ready to steal your lunch straight outta your locker

Kinda seems unfair considering your gym gets way better results than theirs

Not to mention the fact you actually care about your members and have a relationship with them - you know, like actually know them by name

You’re working your tail off week after week … early mornings and late nights only to tread water

You’re the CEO, Head Trainer and cleaner of the place

You get some stuff working, you get ahead and gain some members through the front door only to lose a couple to holds out the back door, this churn and burn model is sucking up all of your profit and cash flow

So what do you do? Well, you bury yourself back into your training and hope that it will ‘pick back up’

The reality is, adding kilos to your squat isn’t going to bring more members through the door

Neither is posting on Instagram every day, (that’s for another post)

The truth is. Your business is a WIMP!


It’s NOT your fault - You’re busy trying to deliver to your members and give them a great product, build a business and figure out what the right thing is and you’ve just been told the WRONG thing so many times that it’s hard to know what to do

With all that you’ve got on your plate, it amazes me that anybody gets a gym working, let alone profitable

Much less thriving - so I get it

My names Drew, in my first fitness business I was wearing all the hats, the marketing the sales and the delivery just trying work it all out on the fly…

Every day I’d wake up wondering where my next lead was going to come from - I still remember the time I had to make sales calls from my parents house cause it was the only place I could get some peace and quiet

So I know how hard it can be when you’re spinning plates

If this sounds like the life you’re living, you’ll be stoked to learn I’m going to help you

Over the last couple of years I’ve helped over 100 Aussie gym owners scale their businesses … with many of them leveraging this system to create a stack of new membership applications for their facility

I created a simple process which teaches you how to slingshot a bunch of new higher paying members into your gym without a fancy website, tricky landing pages or complicated software

You see I was tired of hearing horror stories of marketing agencies overpromising and underdelivering …

By providing you with a step by step framework I reckon we can turn marketing your gym from a chore to something you absolutely love

Personally, I don’t know of anyone else in Australia teaching this stuff to gym owners - which means you’re getting a head start before your competitors wake up to what’s happening

Here’s the thing, there is gonna be some work involved from both ends - members aren’t just going to line up at the door, there will be a little bit of stuff to set up

You don’t lift the weights for your clients … you provide them with the environment, the coaching and support - they lift the barbell and do the reps …

Which is exactly what our system does, we aren’t going to lift the weights for you. However, we are going to hold your hand through the process and make sure we slingshot a bunch of new members through the door TOGETHER.

My Aussie based team understand the Australian market. We personally work in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide. We know what’s going to work here and what isn’t (our clients don’t like it but sometimes I will actually refuse to let them launch campaigns I know will tank)

I’m personally taking on a small and selective group of Australian Gym owners who want to implement this system which I call ‘LeadFit’ into your business

I will walk you through the strategy and within 6 weeks of using the LeadFit system, you’re gym is going start looking more yolked

If you’re vibing with doing things in a new school way then the next step is simple, at the end of this post, there’s a link to a form.

Fill out the form. Tell me about you and your Tribe. We will hop on a call to see if LeadFit could work for your gym.

The form is open-ended on purpose, I want to get to know you and your situation - I’m not going to ask you all the usual boring stuff.

After you’ve scheduled your call I’ve got a little video for you to watch, where you’ll learn a little bit more about me and my crew and meet some people that I’ve helped who have gyms just like yours

If this all makes sense to you … head to the link below and fill out the form and let's chat.



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