Alchemy | How To Double Your Membership In 12 Months (or less)
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How To Double Your Membership In 12 Months (or less)

OK, so you’re a passionate facility owner … you love your WORK and your COMMUNITY. They look up to you as their leader, you’re the person they aspire to be like.

But like most of your kin, you’re clapped out, early starts and late nights … staff not delivering like you can.

There’s the monthly rent bill, wages, gst, the BAS … all that fun stuff that no one told you about when you took the plunge and finally opened the gym.

You spent years crafting your skills, sharpening your sword and mastering the art of coaching. You’ve more than likely spent thousands on Biosig and other expensive nutrition and coach development programs (and rightly so).

Since you opened your facility you’ve been focussed on delivering an awesome product and experience for your members.

Regardless of whether you’re burnt out or not … if you’re still reading you’ve most likely come to the conclusion that although you can dead lift well over double bodyweight .. your business acumen is still lacking.

It Is Time To Face The Facts

You need to improve your systems of Marketing, Sales and Staff Development, there’s really no two ways about it.

For the record when we say marketing we mean direct response marketing, not Instagram likes and Facebook followers.

JOEY from the Jungle Brothers is one of the most advanced movement coaches in Australia …. when he came to us 7 months ago .. He knew that his gym could be doing more by the way of Marketing, Sales and Staff Development … 7 Months later, he has doubled his membership and revenue (we are only just getting warmed up with these boys)

P.S – Please excuse the barking dog in the background 🙂

Now Joey and his team did the work, we won’t take credit for that!

You’re putting your energy into your gym every day … You might as well be doubling your membership whilst you’re at it.

Are You Making These Common 7 Mistakes In Your Facility Right Now ?

  1. No Automated System Of Lead Generation That Is Bringing New High Paying Clients Into Your Business For Less Than $30 Per Client
  2. Having Completely No Understanding Of The Average Life Time Value Of Your Client
  3. Niche = Everybody … This One Is The Killer Of Fitness Facility Growth
  4. Hanging On To Bad Members Who Detract The Energy Of The Coaches/Staff And Awesome Members
  5. Not Investing In A Trained Professional To Manage, Mentor And Motivate Your Sales Team
  6. Spending All Your Profit On ‘Brand New Equipment’ Instead Of Investing It In Advertising And Staff Development
  7. Paying For Facebook Likes, And Copying All Of Your Competitors Marketing Campaigns

The Hard Truth Is …

You need to FOCUS in on three key (Yang) areas of your business [not just coaching classes or training clients .. what we call ‘delivery’]

1. Marketing2. Sales

3. Delivery

Once you have mastered these 3 key (Yang) areas .. you will then be able to move on to the three key (Yin) areas:

4. Creativity5. Impact

6. Freedom

We have developed a coaching matrix called the ‘Seed Of Business’, which allows us to map out your ascension to freedom within your business over the next 12 months.

95% of Gyms Fail Because they Do Not Understand the Simplicity of Lead Generation, Sales and Systems…

Exponential Growth for Your Gym, lies in performing three basic functions;

  1. Generating a Lead
  2. Closing a Sale
  3. Delivering a Product

You would be surprised HOW MANY GYM OWNERS DO NOT GET THIS!

Discover how to Buck the Trend and Be a Member of the 5% Who Ruthlessly Chase Business Success (Like Matt & Shaun)

 Personally we don’t mind it when our biggest complaint from clients is that they ‘need a bigger gym’


  1. Discover How To Build An Automated System Of Consistent Lead Generation For Your Gym

  2. Stop Doing FREE TRIALS And Reinvent Your New Client On Boarding System (There is Over 100K In Additional Revenue Just In This Tip Alone)

  3. Build A Coachable, Repeatable And Reliable Sales System For Your Facility


​Steal a copy of the script all of our high level clients (Including Shaun + Matt) are using to on board clients … without giving away their valuable time for FREE

Forget dealing with people who don’t even bother to turn up … you’re worth more than that​

We have spent countless hours testing and improving this script for you … don’t look past this resource to help you grow your business, by increasing your sales and profit this quarter​


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