Alchemy | To Entrepreneurs Who Want To Win Someday
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To Entrepreneurs Who Want To Win Someday

You’re desperate for success, you’re hungry for growth.

Truth be told you’ll get there no matter what, because that’s who you are.

You might be selling yourself a story about how you love to learn independently in your business.


Maybe this article will help provide some perspective and change your state.

Here’s the thing.

Everyone wants to shoot three point shots.

We all want to land one from half way on the buzzer, when we’re two points down .. to WIN by one.

That’s the entrepreneurial dream … that’s the sexy and glorious stuff that makes the highlights reel.

That clip looks AMAZING on social media.


The truth is, success isn’t sexy.

Three point shots might look good, but they don’t win matches week in week out … they don’t get you into back to back finals.

You might land them in training, but on game day, when the pressure is higher, you’re risking it all if you need a three pointer to win.

I see too many entrepreneurs obsessed with the BIG wins, the SEXY stuff, the three point (hero) shots.

Those magical, miracle, rainbow deals (that may .. or may not, happen).

That dream webinar funnel, that hyper complex sales funnel, super automated double up-sell one time offer.

That crazy high ticket deal that’s always going to land … next week and next month.

I’m all for leveling up … I didn’t get here by playing it safe.

But don’t forget.

Layups and Free Throws win matches and seasons.

Don’t lose sight of the basics, in search of the HERO shots.

When you get distracted, you lose momentum, which isn’t a fun place to be.

The key to your business success is doing it all, but being detached from the three pointers and not ‘needing’ them.

What are you’re momentum building layups and free throws?

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