Alchemy | 3 Reasons Why ‘FREE Trials’ Are Crushing Your GYM’s Soul
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3 Reasons Why ‘FREE Trials’ Are Crushing Your GYM’s Soul

Personally, I hate the paradigm that the fitness industry operates under.

The industry feels like it has to give itself away for FREE before it has a right to ask people for the value they deserve to be asked for to commit to becoming better.

Imagine walking into a clothing store, trying on some jeans and saying ‘yeah I don’t mind these jeans .. but what I’m going to do is walk around in them for a week, go and try on a few other pairs at stores near-by and if I decide these jeans are the ones I will pay for them’.

Heading into your local cafe ‘can I get a flat white please ?’ , yep sure that’s $3.50 .. ‘ok no worries, what I’m going to do is take this with me for an hour, not pay you, go and try a few other local cafes.. and if I like your coffee the best, well then I will come back and pay you for it’.

Arriving at the international airport, checking yourself into 3 international flights, boarding each plane & only deciding to pay for the ‘one’ (if any) ticket based on that airline having the best in flight entertainment…


You get my point

Don’t get me wrong some of the fastest growing companies in the world have used the, ‘Freemium’ model to gain incredible traction, businesses such as Evernote, Dropbox … Barbell Shrugged .. and a few more that have escaped me

Your facility isn’t one of those companies, so stop trying to be.

Before writing this I actually completed 3 ‘FREE Trials’ at respected Gyms in Sydney

Each time I was less and less impressed with the follow up .. anyways I’m getting sidetracked here.

The 3 Reasons Why Free Trials are Crushing Your Gym’s Soul

  1. FREE TRIALS are Damaging Your Sense of Self Worth

You’ve spent the last however many years creating and building your perfect facility from the ground up.

This place is your home, you spend a considerable amount of your life there.

It’s the epicentre of your community, the meeting place of your loyal followers and hard working clients.

Those clients who turn up and do the work.


You’ve got one problem … Every time someone completes a ‘Free Trial’ in your gym and doesn’t sign up .. A bit of you dies inside.

Why wouldn’t they sign up .. What’s wrong with my gym ?

I’ve got all the gear .. they community.. the equipment.

This damages you … when it happens you start to question yourself and your facility.

‘Am I the problem .. is there something wrong with the gym, the vibe, the coaches, the timetable, my offer, the location .. am I charging ‘TOO MUCH?’

The reality of this situation .. You let that person down, they wanted you to help them and you were to scared to ask them to value themselves enough to commit to your process.

As a result, they are either sitting at home not improving their quality of life, not training, not moving, not getting healthy.

Or, they have signed up to the gym around the corner with that terrible vibe and feel, and now you’ve limited their perception of how the fitness industry operates .. either way they’ve been let down again by YOU.


2. You’re Ripping Off Your Paying Clients

What kind of message are you spreading to your existing clients by having the words ‘FREE Trial’ front and centre in your marketing ?

How can you charge your loyal customers who been supporting you for years, $60, $70 .. $100 per week … then say to strangers off the street … ‘Please anybody come in and have the place to yourself for a week for absolutely nothing’

What kind of leadership is this ?

How do you think this makes your clients feel ?

This situation is made considerably worse if you’re offering ‘FREE PT sessions’ on the back of it.

When was the last time you REWARDED a loyal client and said ‘Hey Steve, I appreciate you so much I’m going to train you today for nothing .. actually you know what Steve, have the whole week for free.’

That’s your OFFER to strangers .. who still tell you to beat it after you let them have the run of the facility for nothing.

It’s OK to say you know what ‘Adam’ you want to walk in here and train, then you can pay for it like my clients do.’

There’s nothing wrong with asking people to value themselves enough to spend whatever you charge on a casual visit to try the facility.

You’re selling a transformational life changing product.. be proud of that.

3. You’re The Expert , SO OWN THAT

You need to realise that people don’t go and see their doctor, dentist or chiro and ask for a free trial.

Usually, these business operate under the model whereby an initial consult actually costs more.

So please, realise that you’ve got more to offer people, actually care more about them, build a process in your facility where you ask them more questions about their goals, what they want to achieve and why they are even turning up in the first place.

This will see you build way more trust with them, actually enjoy giving them some of your time and make them feel more welcome.

They’ll stick around for longer, refer more like minded people and you’ll build a stronger community of people who love and trust you.


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