Alchemy | Why 90% of Marketing Problems Come Down to Niche
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Why 90% of Marketing Problems Come Down to Niche

Niche is a very important concept and one that will form the basis of every single marketing decision you make in your LIFE!

Yes it’s that important.

Your niche will change, adapt and grow based off the feedback you receive from the market, but the concepts and how you find your niche will not.

The Concept of Niche;

You want to find a niche that is an inch wide and a mile deep.

A Niche is not just an age and a location… But a very specific set of circumstances people live their lives by.
And you want them to be clearly defined…

More on this in a minute…

Once you’ve formed your niche this leads you everywhere.

This is the start of the funnel. Every single marketing message you write will be tailored to your niche.

 You need to know your market intimately.

One of our coaches Steve Plummer, one of the best copywriters in Australia, has a picture of the person (his avatar), sitting next to his computer when he writes. He gets in the emotional zone with these people (his niche).

You must KNOW your niche well, give this person a name, age, gender, write down what they like to do, what keeps them up at night, what is their biggest fears and frustrations?

Your niche is not who you are working with now because you can always do better.
It’s not who you have worked with in the past unless you truly loved working with that person.
It’s what works for you in the IDEAL WORLD…

A great way to re-analyse your Niche is to model past and present customers… But not all PARTS

Because you can choose to model the best parts of that person.

Discard the rest !​

You need to create the IDEAL person you want to work with.

Do NOT put limitations on yourself.

If you limit yourself by saying…

“I’m only making $50,000 a year so I have to work with people who are making $25,000”

You will live small and your own self-limiting beliefs around money have ultimately limited your capacity to help people.

You Need to Confront This,
Sales and Marketing is Personal Development…

As much as people are scared of Sales and Marketing… Venturing into this world is a dramatic exposure of ​Self Worth…

Which is why no one wants to hear about it


Defining your niche involves demographics which are statistically quantifiable. For example 1% of people in Australia are currently 23.

Our niche, 30-35 year old Australian males. We can reach these people, we can talk to those people, and you can put a statistic after them… ie they make-up 0.02% of the population.

It is Important to realise these demographic metrics are important and they will guide your marketing, however people don’t buy because they are a 30-35 year old Australian male.

It may surprise you, but we don’t buy for logical reasons!

We actually buy for emotional reasons. We buy for the psychographics, which are our emotional justifiers.

They’re our drivers, paradigms, beliefs – all the intangible things that people are so scared of, because you can’t physically grasp them – BUT they can be defined.

And this is marketing. If you can understand we buy for emotional reasons and justify it rationally then you have already learned so much about marketing and the nature around why people behave.


You need to consider, psychographics, for example, the fears, frustrations, wants, needs, desires and behaviours, What define these people on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

At a deeper level we must think, why do these people do what they do?
What drives them to make decisions?
What do they think about?
Why do they think about it?

The deeper you dive the more easily you’re going to attract this ideal client.

Psychographics will make up 80%-90% of your marketing!

And your demographics, only make up 10-20%.

This is WHY 90% of Issues in Marketing Come down to Niche… Because 90% of people do not understand we buy for emotional reasons then justify it rationally… ​

If you understand your niche, this will add huge benefits to your marketing, sales and in turn profits.

Think hard about what your great work is.

Formulate your business and therefore your niche around the fulfillment of your personal Values…

Don’t be loose with your strategy!

The emotional drivers for a pregnant mother of two and a 25 year old party boy are vastly different!
So never base your strategy for business and therefore life on Self Sabotage!​

It takes times to develop your niche, expect to be frustrated, it is a hard concept to grasp.

But remember… subconsciously you have the answers, give yourself space and don’t rush the most important are of your business… they will come to you!

Albert Einstein said
“I’ve never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” 

Understand the most powerful asset that you have is the irrational brain and putting it to work for you.

And that’s coming from the greatest physicist that has ever lived.
Some people call him the smartest man that’s ever lived.

Did he follow a rational process to discover things about the world? No, he didn’t.

And for us all.. That is a really powerful thing!

As Always… Reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions… You can add me on Facebook here.

Thanks in advance,

Ben Slater

Director + Alchemist

P: 1300 030 343



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