Alchemy | How Not To Lose Sight Of An Amazing Year Of Wins And Behave Like The Grinch On Christmas
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How Not To Lose Sight Of An Amazing Year Of Wins And Behave Like The Grinch On Christmas

Recently I’ve been having this conversation A LOT internally with my high level clients … I’ve also experienced this personally last year.

So I wanted to put this message out there to the broader community of high achievers, as a reminder to not ruin your Christmas this year.

Last year, I had an enormous year of personal and business growth. But it wasn’t enough.

I nearly ruined my Christmas day … I was almost that guy who sulked all day, that depressive family member acting like the GRINCH on Christmas.

How did such a positive year nearly end so poorly ??

Well, in December 2015, my business was on track for a record month of revenue … like a lot of you, I had some people let me down right before Christmas with payments .. This resulted in me bouncing a $5K payment to a mentor … right on Christmas morning.

I felt awful letting my mentor down! I spent the entire morning trapped in a story about ‘How I wasn’t good enough’ … I was doing that VICTIM thing … making it all about me.

I could feel my energy was affecting the loved ones around me … My partner was in disbelief at my behaviour.

I was faced with choice … stay in that negative headspace and undo an amazing year of hard work and triumphs.


Do something FAST to alter the way I was showing up.

I took 5 minutes to myself, and completed a really simple 5 step journaling exercise (at the end of this article I’m going to share it with you).

As you can see by the image below of my family and I .. Everything turned out well.

I was able to push past the head noise, self doubt and story. We enjoyed a very ‘Merry’ afternoon. For me it went down as one of the best Christmas Day’s I’ve ever had.

A few days later, my money was moved around, the cash flow was back on track, and the payment was made. Things continued to rapidly move again.

As a coach, I work with some really high performing business owners and entrepreneurs, some of whom are also professional Actors, Speakers and Athletes …

Being a high achiever is both a blessing and a curse … We are constantly dissatisfied with our current level of performance … always striving for the next thing.

Left unchecked, this leads to a lack of gratitude and fulfillment … which evolves into exhaustion and poor decisions.

It can fuck with your health, wealth and relationships too.

Last week I had a client in tears because of a few disloyal clients .. taking it to heart and nearly undoing a year’s worth of high performance and results.

I’ve noticed the more high performing the person, often the less satisfied they are.

I know what it’s like always wanting that next level and more growth …

You’ve had a massive year … you’ve undoubtedly achieved so much.

Sure you’ve had some bumps along the way. We all have, but honestly think about how far you’ve actually come.

Don’t lose sight of all of the good as we draw the curtains to a close.

Don’t make that mistake of undoing all of your amazing hard work.

Stop doing that high achiever thing of beating yourself with a stick and setting massive goals for 2017.

Before you start mapping out that new product, marketing campaign or hiring staff.

Take five minutes to reflect on this incredible year before it’s all too late and we are halfway through 2017.

To help you realise the wins, I have put together what I’m calling my ‘High Achievers Perspective Template’.

All you need to do is answer 5 simple questions (honestly) … this template will help you feel like you’re worthy of giving yourself a much needed pat on the back.

It will also help you not ruin your Christmas with loved ones and salvage what’s likely been your best year yet.

After you’ve filled out the template, you’re going to feel a lot lighter and be able to laugh at yourself for losing that perspective.


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  • Chad Francis
    Posted at 10:41h, 19 December Reply

    Can I please have a high achievers guide. Cheers

    • Drew Slater
      Posted at 10:50h, 19 December Reply

      Hey Chad, Should be in your inbox (on facebook) now 🙂

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