Alchemy | Why Referrals Are Ruining Your Health Practice
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Why Referrals Are Ruining Your Health Practice

Ok, so you’re a passionate practice owner…

You love the work and your patients are super loyal

You’ve spent years perfecting your skills, making sure you are the Master or your industry.

You are tired of the long hours.
You are tired of worrying about patient retention.
You are tired of wondering who is going to give you the next referral.

Your business has hit a point where your numbers have plateaued…

You’ve spent thousands on Seminars and other practitioner training courses.

You are probably still paying off that expensive HECS bill…

Since you opened up your practice you’ve been focused on delivering an amazing service for your patients…
and it is so important to deliver the service because You RELY solely on patient referrals.

You’re experienced. You’re a well qualified practitioner… But your business skills lack.


You need to build your systems for lead generation… There is no two ways about it.

You can not keep relying on WORD OF MOUTH…
It is holding your business back.

Tim from The Running Lab is one of the most experienced Podiatrists in Australia..
When he came to us 6 months ago look what he has to say.

Here’s a photo of Tim presenting at his recent StrongFeet Certification Program…
Now there is NO way Tim could have filled a room of that size relying only on Word Of Mouth

Tim did the work… we can’t take credit for that.

3 Reasons Why Relying Only On Patient Referrals
Is Keeping You STUCK

  1. As Tim said, it is a very slow approach to growing your business..
    Especially as less than 4% refer YOU to their friends
  2. It is not an automated system of lead generation…
    Which means you have NO control over how many new patients you get per week
  3. You Don’t even have a system for ensuring Referrals… You’re placing your long term success and financial freedom in the hands of others

The REALITY is..

You need to FOCUS on creating a system of reliable lead generation

You need NEW clients every single week.. in order for your practice to grow

Exponential growth for your practice lies in performing Three Basic Functions

  1. Generating a NEW lead
  2. Booking In A New Patient Consult
  3. Delivering An Amazing Service To This Patient

You would be surprised HOW MANY health practitioners do not get this.

Discover how to buck the trend and be a member of the 5% who Ruthlessly chase Business Success. (Like Nick)

Dr Nick Papastamatis from Balance Health & Performance is one the most experienced Sports Chiropractors in Australia.. When he came to us 6 months ago he knew that his practice could be doing a lot more marketing, sales and lead generation…. Here is what he had to say.

Two Key Takeaways to STOP Relying On Patient Referrals in next 12 months.
  1. Discover How to Build an Automated System of Consistent Lead Generation For Your Practice
  2. STOP Relying On Word of Mouth and Reinvent Your New Patient on Boarding System

Grab a FREE copy of the Seed of Marketing Manual… used by our clients (just like Tim and Nick), to move away from Patient Referrals, and develop a foolproof method to generate new leads every single day..

We have spend countless hours testing and re-testing our methods.. so don’t look past this resource to help you grow your business, by getting more NEW patients, and increasing your profits this quarter.


Use the 21 Page Manual to Dis​cover How to Build an Automated System For
Lead Generation in Your Health Practice

We Use it to Generate Up To 44 Highly Qualified Leads A Day

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