Alchemy | How To 5x Referrals in 7 days
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How To 5x Referrals in 7 days

How To Get 25 NEW Highly Qualified Leads for YOUR gym THIS WEEK … without Spending a $1 on Advertising, using this 2-Step Secret Process

If you are STUCK on X amount of clients in your gym and you want to easily add 10 + awesome new members to your facility this week .. then pay attention.

In this blog I break down step by step how to effectively and easily get highly qualified leads … giving you a real life example of my Client, Hassan …Sounds great, right?

So, where are you going wrong?

Well if you are like many gyms, you would of seen a Winter drop off rate.. Usually around 5-10%, which doesn’t seem like a lot…

But let’s do the Math …

If you have 100 members, all paying $80 a week, and 7% drop off… that’s $560/ week you are missing out on …

Which is nearly $30,000 a year … kinda a big deal, don’t you think?

So the GOOD news…

You don’t have to spend a cent on advertising this week.

If you’ve already got an awesome community, and your members love you … you’ve got 25 new leads (trust me).

You don’t even have to write a complicated advertisement.

Here’s the deal … you need to do these 3 things:

  1. You MUST leverage off your existing clients (further detailed in the PDF below).
  2. You MUST deliver a premium product, superior to your competitors.
  3. You MUST have strong relationships with your clients.

Hassan is a brilliant Gym owner.. He is an action taker and loves his community.

When Hassan came to see me, he wanted more members … he wanted MORE growth for his business … he wanted to take the next step.

The best part, the leverage was already there … Hassan had already done the hard work, he just didn’t know it.

7 days into working with us and this is what Hassan had to say…


Hassan didn’t have to run timely advertising campaigns, or need to do any highly specialised optimisations …spending many hours (that he didn’t have).

The best part, his lead generation was systematic and cost effective …he didn’t have to hope for the best … and ask that leads would land in his lap…He didn’t do any of that.

He just followed my simple 2 step process.

Download my bullet proof, easy guide to getting 25 NEW leads this week … for not even $1 spend in advertising.
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