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3 High Ticket Sales Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

“Nothing happens until someone sells something”, Henry Ford.

“For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough”, Zig Ziglar.

I want to start off with these two quotes because they frame sales very well.

I often catch myself telling people… ‘Sales is the most important thing in business, and I really do believe it’

The honest truth, delivery is equally as important as sales. We must keep in mind, there’s nothing to deliver if we can’t get a sale across the line.

*** Caveat ***

This blog only applies if you are selling a transformational life changing product. There’s no middle ground with mastery. Sales is no different. Selling life-changing products needs to be practiced all the time. It’s not something you can just leave and pick up once a week.


‘I believe that to sell we must really confront some of our own deep fears and face the music that we’re actually worth something to somebody.’

I want you guys to take away and learn from this blog that it’s not about the money, it’s about making people value themselves enough to believe that they’re worth something, worth investing in… Worth listening to that voice inside their head that says ‘yes you can’.


If you’re reading this and you’re sitting there thinking, ‘my sales are fine, it’s the leads that I’m struggling with’. Then please head over to our blog which completely pulls back the curtain on our advanced facebook advertising tips.

SECRET # 1 - People Have An Inbuilt System To NOT BUY

I wanted to frame this up with a short story…

In 2015 I attended a 5 day sales and marketing event near the great barrier reef. It was a 5 day event, and by the end I was super exhausted. I had just been smashed with content for 5 days about marketing and sales, and we had gone right through a lot of really interesting stuff around objection handling.

I made the decision to surprise my partner with a snorkelling trip to the barrier reef on the weekend. (keeping in mind I was hyper aware of sales objections at that moment due to the sales event)

Anyways, the snorkelling wasn’t cheap for 2 tickets … As I went to pay for it, I noticed all of these ridiculous thoughts started popping into my head.

Objection #1

Firstly, ‘What If Maddy had already booked the trip to surprise me ?’ (this is just ridiculous and embarrassing that my mind was coming up with something this stupid)

The saleswomen was not impressed, she handled it like a professional.

Objection #2

‘What If It Rains On Sunday’ (even more embarrassing … I was going snorkelling, I was going to get wet regardless)

This time she was less impressed… but again handled like a professional.

Objection #3

‘Why can’t I just pay for it on Sunday?’ (by now I had a really good handle on what was happening)

This hit me so hard, I realised ‘FAR OUT’ this is what people do …This is what happens when I ask people for a sale. We have this in-built system for not buying where we create things that don’t exist to stop us from purchasing something that we really want.

I realized that I was intentionally coming up with excuses to not buy this thing that I desperately wanted…

“Look, do you want to go or not?” And that’s when I realized, this is just incredible. Of course I want to go ahead with it and paid for it. Now this is something that I really did want to buy!

So what’s the lesson here for you?

People have an in built system for NOT buying … so as a salesperson you have to respect that. You also have to honour it and not let the stories people invent in their head stop them from achieving and having the things they really want.‘

I don’t have enough time’ isn’t them saying NO … it’s their inbuilt system for NOT buying getting in the way of their success and happiness. Everyone has an in-built system to not buy things. It comes down to peoples sense of self-worth.

Here I have included my own graphic representation of what a sale looks like. It shows the energy or impulse of the buyer during the sale.

Now people don’t always object four times, but it certainly does happen. This doesn’t mean you give up on them without fighting for their goals and the person they want to become.

It simply means you haven’t built enough transformative value.

Which brings me to my next point.

SECRET # 2 - Communicate The Transformation

Your ability to be successful in sales is very closely tied to your ability to communicate the transformative value of what you do. You have to understand how you can take people to where they want to go. It’s so important because if you don’t feel like you can take someone to where they want to go then you shouldn’t sell them. I think this is where sales gets a really bad name, because some sell people they shouldn’t.

Below is a graphic representation of the sales process.

The little circle on the left is where the client is now, we need to understand where they are now, where do they want to go, so this is the future, and why aren't they there?

The most important part is why aren't they there? What is the thing that they need to move towards that future circle. Because that's the transformation that you need to take them on, that is the problem you must solve for them.

I know this seems very simple but it REALLY IS THIS SIMPLE. Where are they now? Where do they want to go?

If you believe you can take them there, then sell them … If you can’t then don’t sell them. SAY NO.

You will become much more successful in sales when you learn the ability to NOT need to sell everyone and start saying NO to people and refer them on to someone who you know CAN help them.

SECRET # 3 - Use A Script

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

You’ve got to be able to turn up and give 100% to make a high ticket sale.

You can’t do that to the best of your ability if you’re stressing about what you are supposed to be saying.

I use a script, and so do all of my clients … WHY , well because it works!

One thing I know to be true about sales, especially selling over the phone is that a STRONG INTRO LEADS TO A STRONG CLOSE.

If you lose control of the call in the first 5 seconds, then you’re fighting an uphill battle to regain it.

Now if you think about it, you will always need your intro. You’re going to use it in 100% of sales, you won’t close 100% of sales.

SO firstly, script your intro. Then secondly practise it. Don’t wait until a live sales call to practise it either.

Now I’ve tested this thousands of times… It’s not what you say it’s how you say it.


Imagine some random calling you out of the blew and sounding depressed about it. That’s never going to lead to a long term healthy working relationship.

So perform your script with PRIDE, do it well, and be engaging

You may as well … what’s the worst that can happen … they hang up?

Well that’s likely to happen anyway, if you don’t bring the intensity. On the flip side, you may as well make it fun and enjoy it.

You will start having more conversations, which is going to lead to more sales, which is going to lead to more clients, more cash and more growth … I only see positives here.


I’m not talking about any script, I’m talking about a script that’s been written by a professional.

Then I’m going to make it easy for you!


This script has helped hundreds of people change their lives.

Reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions... You can add me on Facebook here.

Thanks in advance,

Drew Slater

Director + Alchemist

P: 1300 030 343

E: drew@alchemy.institute

W: alchemy.institute

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  • Dave Dunn
    Posted at 10:01h, 21 March Reply

    Amazing. I have received your script and had to come back to say THANK YOU!

    Eye opening. It looks like I have to change my whole idea about sales.

    • Ben Slater
      Posted at 10:50h, 21 March Reply

      No worries Dave ! Glad we could help : )

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