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How To Use Social Proof In Your Marketing

Is Your Marketing Socially Poor ?

How do I effectively use social proof?

I often get asked this question by my clients …

Great question, right?

Well to be honest, there are a few KEY things you’ll want to know..

But let’s cover the basics first

What is Social Proof?

In my own experience, social proof is;

Tangible evidence of the result your products and services can provide

A marketing strategy, used to build trust and loyalty with prospects

How it Works

With the power of the internet, prospects can find out a great deal about you, without speaking to your sales team, or better still … Not even going on to your website.

Just for some brief stats … A study in US market revealed that;

1. More than 70% of people look at the product review before they make a purchase for that product
2. 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site, if the site has both product ratings and reviews.

So what does this teach us?

Prospects want proof …

How Do Testimonials Work?

Shift the marketing message from ‘How Good Am I’ → To ‘How Good Are They’ … with ‘they’ being your clients.

No one wants to read about how good YOU think you ARE.

Positive social proof is now a days more influential than saving money

In a eye-opening study, researchers wanted to persuade customers to use less energy this Summer.

They encouraged customers to use fans instead of air conditioning units

To test the power of social proof, they presented each client with a different situations

Situation #1: Told customers they could save $54/month on their utility bill

That’s $648 per year

    And $6480 each decade

Situation #2: Educated customers they could help the environment with preventing the release of of greenhouse gasses each month

Situation #3: Encouraged customers that fans were more socially responsible

Situation #4: Informed customers that 77% of their neighbours were already using fans in order to save energy

So, I have a question for you.

What situation was the most effective… to stop people using their air con and start using their fans? … and thus save energy?

Answer: Situation 4

This is no surprise, that the social proof was more effective and persuasive than saving money.

People naturally trust other people … more so than the sales person trying to sell it to them.

I have seen this first hand …

My Experience

Alchemy experienced a significant boom in marketing when we incorporated a client results page on the site.

The page only receives 1.79% of unique page views, BUT it is incredibly strong ‘PROOF’ that you can do … what you say you can do.

Often in the sales process, prospects make reference to specific clients results …

So, not only will social proof improve your marketing results … it will help with your sales too.

The Landscape Today

Thanks to social media and the internet, people see hundreds of marketing messages a day…

We’ve become incredibly good at detaching from them.

YOU must be creative and unique with your ‘marketing & messaging’.

Social proof stands away from all other marketing messages.

It’s different, eye-catching and will do some heavy lifting for your marketing and branding … it adds trust and builds credibility.

5 Types Of Social Proof — Which Group Are You In ?

1. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are incredibly authentic and a powerful way to attract referrals.

They are the richest form of media, and are incredibly engaging.

They have the power to capture the real emotions of your highly satisfied existing clients … prospects want the same results.

The videos are there to provide strong tangible evidence that you do… exactly what you say you do.

We use a Sony A7 camera … still learning how to use it, much to the disgust of our videographer Sophie.

iPhones are pretty good these days to take photos for things like Facebook Live, but for a testimonial you want the footage to be clean and clear.

*My Tip: Have the client looking into the open space of the screen

Here is one of my video testimonials with my awesome Client

2. Johnson Box

This strategy is borrowed from direct mail marketing and credited to Frank Johnson.

Originally was used in sales letters, however it has since evolved and is a commonly and effectively used in online marketing copy.

It’s main purpose is to draw people’s attention into something they may of just thrown away.

It is box, with text inside the box, effectively used to capture the reader … it also breaks up text and make it easier to read.

We often use it in the middle of the page, particularly to a highlight a testimonial.

I have actually done a split test, using exactly the same copy, but one with the testimonial in the box and one without, the one with … was much more effective.

*My TIP – Make the Johnson box stand out, use a colour, we find red is good.

3. Facebook Review’s

Facebook reviews are extremely important, what do you think people do after they come across your website?

Yep, you’re right… they jump straight on your Facebook page and suss you out.

You need to have reviews there … at least 5, but ideally 15+.

Facebook reviews provide your prospects with transparency and reliability. Building a page that has many positive reviews will give you credibility.

Star rating on Facebook is also very important as it plays a role in Facebook algorithm.. Determining how much reach each of your posts get.

The more reviews and the higher your star rating, the greater reach you will have … which as you know, the more prospects.

This is important, you need to start building this out … I read that product reviews are 12 x more trusted than product descriptions from manufacturers.

Well same goes for you too …

*My Tip: Make sure you ask your existing clients to do an honest review for you. Make it easy for them, send them an email, with the link to your Facebook page.

Our dedicated clients Shaun and Matt  have implemented this really well on their Business Facebook Page.

4. Text Messages

I really like text messages.

WHY, well in my opinion they are the most personal and trusted form of testimonials.

Text messages show you have a relationship with your clients, and a good one at that…

I always like to include include text message testimonials because it is something that many of your competitors may not have…

Having a clients direct phone number, with a testimonial is very powerful strategy to instill trust in potential clients…

I often will include text message testimonial on landing pages, it helps to again build credibility and brand support.

*My TIP – Ask for permission, unless you have a lot of rapport and know the client would be cool with it … OR blur out their name to be safe.

5. Facebook Group Messages

This is a very popular strategy at the moment and is rather an easy way to attain.

If you build a culture of success inside your community, it is very easy to receive this type of social proof.

Creating an environment which encourages people to interact, post and share their results is paramount – it helps to increase the results of the whole group

Clients like to be featured in success stories, it gives them some recognition and reward for quality work and implementation

*My TIP: It is not up to you to start all the conversations, you need to encourage and motivate, however reinforce that the group is about your clients encouraging each other – this creates an AWESOME CULTURE … Which leads to great results

Reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions… You can add me on Facebook here.

Thanks in advance,

Drew Slater
Director + Alchemist
P: 1300 030 343
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